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Asheville - An Urban Model

In Asheville, as in the rest of the nation's urban areas, the overall pattern of working and living is seen by many as neither healthy nor satisfying. Although we know that one small company in Asheville, North Carolina is not going to change the world, the country is in dire need of a new urban model that works. For the livability of urban areas to improve, the current trend toward sprawl and automobile dependency must be countered by developments in central city cores that provide:

  • secure, meaningful work
  • attractive, affordable housing
  • greenspaces and outdoor recreational activities
  • convenient, reliable public transportation
  • stimulating opportunities for personal interaction, education, shopping, and entertainment

Public Interest Projects believes Asheville has the potential to become a model of such a livable urban community.

Public Interest Projects was created by local resident, Julian Price, in 1991. Before developing the investment strategy represented by Public Interest Projects, Mr. Price was very active as a local and regional philanthropist. Public Interest Projects grew from his desire to invest in business and real estate projects which contribute to an exciting, diverse and sustainable downtown while producing a reasonable rate of return.

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